Dear lovely friends, family, and EdPowerment Supporters,

We are really in need of your assistance in helping us to fundraise for our Autism Awareness Project, Autism Connects Tanzania.  Through this project we hope to help fund outreach education to fight the large stigma people face here and help create a strong program to help students with intellectual disabilities at the Gabriella Center here in Moshi Tanzania.  We are in need of some amazing people to help us with our work here and help us find ways to help children here with intellectual disabilities find services.  Check out our fundraising page for more details. (

A question in your mind might be….What can I do to help?  The biggest thing we are in need of is people to help host fundraisers and raise money and awareness about our cause.  I realize some people may not know about different ways to fundraise so this blog is dedicated to all the ways that we and EdPowerment Supporters have raised funds in the past.  Please help us fight the huge stigma that literally locks families and children in their homes.  Check out the fundraising ideas below and think of something that may work for you to help us step up against the stigma.

Host a Dinner Party- Invite guests to come to a fun night out.  Use a theme to make things more interesting.  Inform them about EdPowerment (we can email you some informational materials or you can use our videos on you tube) and about our fight for children with special needs here.  Ask them for donations or have fun activities encouraging them to donate such as raffles or games.  Some themes that have been successful include: Wine Tastings, Beer Tastings, Murder Mystery Game, Spaghetti Dinner, Chili Cook Off, BBQ

Have a silent Auction at your workplace- Collect donations from local businesses and auction them off in the staff office.  It is a fun way to get people involved and with some good donations you can really collect some amazing funds for our autism project.  

Create a team to perform a physical task (such as a 5K)- have everyone collect sponsorships donations.  We can send you our logo that you can also use to have t-shirts made for the day of the event.  

Collect Spare Change- Ask people to donate any spare change they have at home.  You can create some decorative containers and put them in different places in your office or school.  You can call it something creative like Change to make a Change.

Host a Music Event-  ask a local musician that you know to perform and charge for entrance or invite people and ask for donations.  We can send you pictures or a slide show that you can use to show people where the money is going to be donated to.  

Have a games night- Invite people to attend and collect donations.  With a games night people will be encouraged to participate in the fun of the event and then showing them pictures, videos and explaining the cause can encourage them to donate. Some Games nights that have been successful include:  Bingo, Bowling-a-thon, Horseshoes, Casino Night

Have a Talent Show- With friends, family, or co-workers host a talent show encouraging people to get involved.  Have people participate and then vote on a winner.  During the event you can explain the cause, collect donations, or charge tickets for entrance to the event.

Create and sell T-shirts- Come up with a creative t-shirt design and sell your shirts to raise money.  We can send you our logos for ACT and EdPowerment to help with this.

Have a Garage Sale or Yard Sale- Sell your old items to collect some money to donate for the cause.  People love to go to garage sales and at your sale you can post information about Autism and the Autism Connects Tanzania project.  (We can send you any information or pictures to help you with this)

Sell Food or other items- Everyone loves some good food.  You can buy or make some delicious home baked goods and sell them at work or at school.  With each food product you can place a little tag with information about our cause and our fight for kids with autism.  Some things people have sold in the past include: Candy Sale, Bake Sale, Gourmet Cooking

Have a fundraiser at a local business- Some local businesses have designated days where people can come to their locations and have fundraisers.  Talk to some in your area about how they have fundraised before and see if this might work for you.  Some places that have fundraisers include: Baskin Robbins, Different Fast Food locations, and some hold coupon fundraisers.  

We really want to help make sure that all children have access to support and education they need regardless of their disability.  Please help us and either donate or host a fundraiser to help us raise the funds to hire a occupational therapist and a teacher for the Gabriella Center. 

Every $1 makes a difference.  Check out our fundraising page and tell all your friends about our cause.  (Stepping Up For Special Needs)

Thanks Again for all your continued support!!

Miss you all!