This week I left my friends home in Melbourne and headed to Sydney.  This part of my trip was still unsure and I knew I would be starting out the first few days on my own in a hostel.  I did have a friend, Kat, who lived outside Sydney about 4 hours but I hadn't heard from her so I planned a week stay at a bohemian type hostel in Glebe Point in Sydney.  I often spend my time traveling solo, as many don't seem to be as daring or crazy as I and tackle three continents in 2 months.  (: Anyway I have traveled alone through Europe and parts of South America and I have come to learn these two things:

1) It can at times be very liberating to be on your own
2) It can at times become very lonely

Other lone travelers will tell you that this depends on what you make of your travels. The first day is always the hardest in a new place.  It is always better to get a bunk style room so that you can meet people right away.  In the first day I ventured through Sydney solo seeing the sights.  I walked to the Docklands and the Sydney Fish Market.  I saw some cool things but it definately was a lonely day.  When I got back to the hostel I was determined to meet some of the other people at the hostel so I had people to explore with.  As luck would have it I was rooming with an awesome Spanish girl named Bear and she had become good friends with a German guy named Marco.  It definately made my next three days much more interesting and less lonely.  We had some meals together and shared a few bottles of wine in the hostel.  All in all it was a good stay.

I then got an email from my friend Kat saying that I should come stay with her in Orange (4 hours outside of Sydney) on her parents farm.  So I checked out of my hostel early and went to the bus station and booked a journey on a train through the Blue mountains to Orange.  When I got there Kat's father Trevor greeted me and took me to the pub that the family owns.  After a while Kat and the rest of her family arrived.  I had a great time at their farm learning the way of a dairy farm, riding horses, seeing Trevor's amazing decorating skills, and watching the seasons finale of Master Chef (.  Pictures will be coming soon (internet connection is bad so I cannot upload them yet).

After my stay with the Lawry family I departed for my trip to Bali.  In Bali I am staying 6 days on my own in a small homestay and then 7 days at a surfer camp learning to surf.  Bali is a country full of culture and amazing cafes, stores, and Hundu temples and sculptures.  I will tell you more about it in my next post as I just got here.  After two days though I did come down with travelers stomach- which is a stomach ache from eating a variety of new foods your body is not used to.  In this expereince I have also learned that traveling alone means you have no one to complain to when you feel sick.  I am going to lay low today and hopefully settle my stomach then I plan to go mountain biking through the local villages and the rice fields.  Miss you all- I wish you were with me.

Deborah Surroz-Weber
8/10/2011 06:06:49 am

Hi Kerri,

Thanks for your very interesting update. You are exactly right about solo travel being both liberating and lonely. Actually, solo LIFE is that way too, at times. Wishing you the very best!! Hugs, Deborah


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