In 58 days I will be leaving on the adventure of a lifetime.  Although I am so excited to travel through 7 countries in 13 months, I am struggling a bit with packing.  Due to the fact that I will be backpacking through 6 countries and living in Tanzania for 11 months of my trip I am trying to pack a box to ship to Tanzania with my clothes for Africa and then a backpack for the other 2 months of my trip.  I want to ship my box of clothes and supplies to my friends in Tanzania now so I can be sure it gets there before I leave.  In the process I have also been trying to think about what I need in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.  This has been a bit difficult due to the fact that each country has a different climate.  New Zealand and Australia will be in the middle of their winter, Indonesia is an island climate and I will be surfing, and Thailand, Cambodia and Laos will be in monsoon season so I will need rain gear.  This creates a problem when I only have one backpack to put all this gear in.  And I am a girl who always packs to much- this is making this part of the trip a bit difficult.  But it does mean I am a little bit closer.  (:  

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